Friday, March 27, 2009

Positive thinking on weight loss and other parts of your life

What’s your attitude like? What’s the first thing you think about in the morning?

Do you start off dragging yourself out of bed moaning about going to work?

Or, do you think that this morning is another great opportunity to do great things?
Put the universal law of reciprocity to work in your life every single day. Did you know as much as ninety nine percent of our conversation is negative?

Some people just can’t wait to open their mouths so they can ‘one up’ someone else’s current negative situation.

Think about the way you talk to yourself. You know, that internal dialogue that’s always going on inside your head.

What kind of conversation is it? And what type of negative feedback has stopped you losing weight or achieving your goals before?

If what you hear every day is negative, it’s no wonder that your own self talk brings you down and prevents you from being, doing and having everything you desire.

Try this: Make a decision, right now, from this moment, to spend the rest of today contributing to conversation in a positive way. It’s not impossible.

Supposing someone complains about the weather, it’s raining again. You could say, “yes, isn’t it great - just look at that beautiful rainbow!” If you try and and create the habit of saying something positive to everyone you’re disciplining your subconscious for positive results in everything that happens to you. Someone else who's into positive thinking is Big Pink Heart. Pop along to their website for all kinds of information on making your day (and that of others) more positive.

It’s easy to stop the negative self talk right now! Start with positive affirmations spoken aloud with authority and belief. This will affect your attitude, focus your thinking and help you become the person you want to be with the things you want.

First, you have to write down your affirmations - and take your time.

Start with something like “I want to lose 2 stone (28lbs) before my holiday.” (choose something attainable)
To make it effective you have to be sure and get the language right. By using the words “I want” you make it seem that what you’re after is always in the future. You’ve got to trick your subconscious into thinking that you’ve already achieved success. Your subconscious doesn’t understand the concept of time. Everything is ‘now’.
When you tell your subconscious that you ‘want’ that’s exactly what you’ll get - ‘want’ without achievement. Unless you change your mental chat, you’ll only get exactly what you’re telling yourself - that you want to lose 2 stone! Unless you change the way you phrase it, you’ll be wanting to lose that weight forever. Let’s say yoru target weight is 9st - then you’ve got to ‘BE’ 9st from the start of your new self dialogue.

Your written affirmation should be something like this: “I’m healthy and fit, and I weigh 9 stone (or whatever).”
It’s really important to phrase your affirmation as if you’ve already got what you want.
Keep writing it out until you’ve got it exactly how you want to be. You have to get this affirmation absolutely right, because what you affirm is exactly what your subconscious gives you.

You can of course have more than one affirmation. How about ‘I love doing my healthy new exercises,’ or, ‘I love the healthy foods I’m eating.’ Keep on writing and rewriting until you’re absolutely sure that you’ve written everything absolutely in the present, the ‘here and now’, AND that it represents exactly what you desire. Then, and only then, start saying it aloud - several times a day.
Remember to use the present tense. “I‘m doing really well in all my weight loss goals.” “I’m really enjoying exercising every day.” “I’m a winner.” “I’m grateful for everything I’ve achieved, however small.”
You’ll feel a bit of an idiot at first - and you might not actually feel or believe what you’re saying. But that doesn’t matter. Keep on speaking the affirmations out loud with as much conviction as you can. Driving along in the car (on your own preferably!) is a good time. Your subconscious is only used to negative talk from you, so you have to persevere by speaking your affirmations firmly and confidently out loud. You’ll be amazed how soon you can turn the way you think around.

It’s a bit like riding a bike or learning to drive - you didn’t master it the first time and just take off down the road. It took practice to train yourself, and it’s the same with this. Keep going with this several times a day for the next 30 days and you’ll be amazed how much your thinking and attitudes change.

Let’s investigate how words affect you in your everyday life.
Try and recall a real life experience (or experiences) that made you feel happy, proud, or successful (or any combination). Think about how you felt. Maybe you won a competition as a kid, or scored a goal. Try and remember who was there because this helps you feel the experience more fully.
OK. You had those feelings once and you can have them again.
What did other people SAY to you during these periods of personal joy and happiness?
Try and remember their words, write them down and slip them into your daily conversation with youself. They’re words that you KNOW have a positive effect on you, so remembering them and
including them every day triggers those feelings again. Your subconscious already has an association with those words and their results and will just reuse them.

Most of all you must take action. If you’ve become a procrastinator, then rid your life of procrastination now, and for ever. You can create affirmations to help you there – or with anything.
For instance: ‘I‘ve got the skills and attitude to do it today’ or ‘I’m a winner because I’ve turned my attitude into action’

The saying goes that if you do nothing, nothing gets done. By actually DOING something, many actions are set in motion. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing in your life, you need to take action. Do something every day to put your plan in motion.

Here’s a few thoughts that might help you on your weight loss journey (or whatever journey you’re on). At the start of this article I spoke about the words we use to talk to ourselves, how powerful they are, and how they create an attitude.

Now think about how often you’ve used the words ‘my weight’ – for instance in comments like ‘when I lose my weight’ ‘I can’t do that because of my weight’ ‘my weight won’t let me .....’

These are all ‘negative’ affirmations – using the terms ‘when’ ‘doesn’t’ and ‘can’t’

Because they also use the term MY weight, you’re reaffirming that you ‘own’ your weight, and, more importantly, that you’re not going to let it go. That personal pronoun makes it really powerful. You’re training your subconscious to believe that you can’t let it go!

You’ve got to make a conscious decision to no longer own that excess weight. You’re not what you weigh but a unique human being entitled to everything this life has to offer you.
Time to get out your pen and start your affirmations.


Jenny Woolf said...

Interesting, as this is the way self hypnotism works. Have you ever tried that? It is VITAL that you don't say one single thing that is negative, otherwise (yes you're dead right) your subconscous believes it. Weird. But very effective. In fact, I had better start doing it to remind me that I don't actually want to eat fattening stuff. Cos I DON'T

Julie Leefe said...

That's amazing - that's exactly what God says to do .... if I was an annoying Christian I'd give you verses to prove it... but it's exactly what God's been talking to me about lately even down to reciprocity (although I don't know how to say it) !!!!!!!!!!

Lorna Grace Vibert said...

Jenny I have read also that if you use terms like 'pain in the neck' (or other parts) etc. they are self-fulfilling too! So you're right, you have to be POSITIVE all the time (aint it hard though?)